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  • Anxiety over your upcoming labor and delivery
  • Doubt about your abilities to give birth
  • Stressed over what may go wrong
  • Scared about the pain that you'll feel
  • Fear from the past bad experiences you may have had
  • Confusion around how to have an enjoyable natural birth
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LESS ANXIETY: your worry and stress about what is happening and what could go wrong is greatly diminished.

SAFE BABY: your baby is going to arrive faster and have stronger lifesigns upon delivery because your labor is smooth.

CALM BODY: when your muscles are relaxed, your endorphins and love hormones outweigh pain and inflammation.

STRONG BIRTH: when your memory of this moment is positive, your connection to your baby and your health flourishes.

"I learned things I would have never of even thought of that I should know before hand. I went in not knowing much of anything about a natural birth. Came out being very sure of what I do or not want."

- Ashley S.

“This book gives me the opportunity to labor and deliver naturally without fear. Yes! It's a great resource to teach moms that having the labor and deliver they want is possible.” Heather Farris

Heather Farris

Sarah, The Author's Story ...

How To Relax During Childbirth teaches you how to defeat the enemy of natural birth: tension. Mastering your relaxation is the key! And that's from ME, a mother who's birthed naturally 3 times--not a male practicioner spouting theory that has NEVER given birth.

When I got pregnant, I was super frustrated that it seemed my only option for giving birth was a horrible and painful experience whether or not I chose natural birth, an epidural, or had a c-section. 

Of course I didn't want that. Of the billions of women that have given birth on this planet, there had to be some that enjoyed the experience and knew how to teach the same.

My mother couldn't teach me because she didn't know how, and there was very little out there about how to actually have an enjoyable and powerful birth. But I'd read little snippets of stories and heard rumors that a calm birth was very possible. If it was possible, then why not me?

And why not you for that matter? So I set out to discover everything I could. I applied what I learned from midwifery, doulas, neuroscience, and what I knew about physiology as a biological engineer ... and then after having 3 babies naturally, I cracked the code on how to have the calmest, most relaxing (and even pleasurable) birth no matter who you are.

I started sharing my techniques and methods with other moms that wanted a natural births. And they started having great experiences! Natural births full of joy, very little pain, calm, and entirely peaceful.

Then My Natural Baby Birth was born and I wrote How To Relax During Childbirth: 3 Essentials to Ease Pain and Enhance Joy. I promise that when you follow the same steps, your odds of having the best possible birth (natural or not) are absolutely going to be yours!

Sarah Prince